Panel discussion on European Values

During the second partner meeting in Helsingor/Denmark, the Danish project partner mhtconsult invited stakeholders from different parts of Denmark to a panel discussion and workshop on European values. After giving a brief presentation of themselves (for instance age, work, family, interests and engagements, personal values etc.), the participants presented up to 3 values which they considered to be the most important ones for the cooperation and community in EU, and described very briefly the arguments behind their choice of values. This led to a discussion between the panel members and representatives from partner organisations, having a common critical look on the values by asking:

– What framework conditions and factors can block this value?

– Where and how is this value already practiced in EU/Europe?

– What can we do on a national and European level to promote and enforce this value in EU/Europe?


The discussion  showed the diverse character of values, and how even basic shared values can be subject of individual points of views. For the project partners, it was important to understand  the level of diversity when it comes to teach and discuss European values in different settings.

In Denmark, there is a special focus on the concept for equal and active citizenship as a basic European value. As part of the activities, a special learning portal is developed, where teachers and voluntary organisations will find learning/training materials focused on citizenship as well as related topics such as democratic values, equal treatment and antidiscrimination, integration and diversity, empowerment, culture and intercultural communication and the meaning of belonging and prevention of radicalization. Some of the learning/training materials about national and European citizenship were already tested and discussed in a group of young Muslims in a local training context.

(Picture: Eco Logic)


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