Europe through my eyes

A look at Europe and its values from the outside: that was the motto of a day seminar in a German language training course for highly qualified refugees (up to the European reference level C1) provided by VNB. The aim was to briefly capture the perspective of people who have not been socialized in Europe, and discuss and compare common European values to those brought along from the countries of origin.

First, a brainstorming session was held around the letters of the term E-U-R-O-P-A. Afterwards, the exercise “Europe through my eyes” provided a personal look on the new center of the refugees’ life. During this exercise, the participants exchanged their points of view about things that astonished them, and what they liked or disliked in and about Europe. Finally, a look into the future was made around the question “What would I change in Europe?”

Participants from the language training course: Europe through their eyes

When discussing European values in a language training course even with participants on a higher level of second language skills, it has to be taken into consideration that due to linguistic limitations it takes more time for the participants to express themselves, particularly when it comes to such a demanding issue like EU values.

The participants asked for more: a follow-up seminar is planned, where the topic of democracy shall be discussed on the subject of European fundamental rights and values. In particular, the tension between diverse values and approaches of conflict solving will be raised as a subject.

(Picture: VNB)

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