Talking about theatre with refugees

Theatre as a means to discuss European values

The starting point of this idea developed by uniT Graz/Austria is the problem to motivate and activate people to discuss values open-minded and very concretely. Theatre plays often deal with social and moral conflicts; there are concrete scenes and characters in a play, which the students involved can discuss. In the discussion, different moral and social perspectives on the decisions and solutions of the characters of the play will come up and the people involved will be able to notice the differences in their values more concretely. Tandems will be built – students from cultural programmes and refugees and migrants from our basic education courses. They visit theatre plays and discuss it with one another. Focus groups formed out of these tandems  discuss results and open questions out of the experiences of the theatre visits. The main goals of this concept are firstly to raise awareness of differences in the way values are understood and implemented in different cultures. It often happens that on an abstract level people agree on values like liberty, solidarity etc. but there are big differences how they are interpreting it. At longer term, a kind of performance out of these experiences shall be developed together with the students, refugees and migrants.


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