The EVEQ project is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership in adult education. The project is aiming at developing a state-of-the-art approach in the provision of common European values to adult learners and beyond. The methodology is basing on the principles of Cultural Intelligence (CQ). Cultural intelligence is a rather new methodology that can be understood as the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures. This approach will be transferred and further developed as a practice model for European Intelligence (EQ), easily useable and transferable to different teaching and learning environments.

The project partnership comprises 5 partner organisations with different pedagogical background:

VNB (DE, coordinating body) is an officially acknowledged state-wide adult and youth education institution, and an umbrella organisation with a network of more than 200 education partners.

INTEVAL (UK) is a consultancy company founded in 2004 to develop work on lifelong learning related to social inclusion.

ECO – LOGIC (MK) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to protection and conservation of the environment, promotion of modern ecological practices, as well as monitoring and promoting the principle of sustainable development.

mhtconsult (DK) is a private and independent research and development organisation, focusing on intercultural inclusion, integration, diversity, prevention and empowerment in both working life and social contexts.

uniT – Arts Association at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz (AT) is an initiative for supporting young artists and their work and for launching innovative creative positions and programmes.